As we’ve reported, June gun sales in the U.S. were through the roof, and you know why. But this Washington Post hot take is clearly trying to make people think something happened next as a direct result:

What dishonest BS.

They’re trying so hard.

“Accurate research”? We’re not expecting that from too many MSM outlets.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

Americans purchased millions more guns than usual this spring, spurred in large part by racial animosity stoked by widespread protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, as well as anxiety over the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

There was a huge uptick in people purchasing guns because of “racial animosity”? That’s weird, because we thought a lot of it was sparked by the Left pushing hard to “defund the police.”

Prove it? Well, that’s where they’re stuck:

“Democracy dies in darkness,” as does logic and reason apparently.