Journo Steve Krakauer weeks ago started shining a light on the story of a frequent guest of NBC News and MSNBC who said he had contracted COVID-19 and had even been hospitalized.

The catch? NBC News’ medical expert and virologist, Dr. Joseph Fair, never tested positive:

On the ‘Today Show,’ the negative tests were mentioned, but host Hoda Kotb said “you clearly have it” and another host waved it off as “false negatives”:

NBC News’ medical expert Dr. Joseph Fair tweeted about the “undiagnosed mystery” a few days ago:

But in spite of never actually having the disease, NBC News and MSNBC were nevertheless all over the story, and according to Newsbusters MSNBC really pushed it:

This is a whole lotta fake news:

NewsBusters found that Fair was a guest 38 times on MSNBC’s weekday evening shows between March 1 and July 10 for a total of 137 minutes with another five minutes covering his now-debunked coronavirus bout. MTP Daily led the way with 12 Fair appearances in this span with the 7:00 p.m. Eastern MSNBC Live in second at ten hits.

In other words, NewsBusters readers, we have on our hands another Brian Williams who happens to have a doctorate and studies virology instead of war games.

From the same “news” outlet that helped Dems push their “Russia collusion” BS 24/7 we can’t say we’re surprised.

And yet the MSM continually wonder why Trump calling them the “fake news media” resonates with so many people.

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