Yesterday a video was widely circulated showing a man and woman with guns guarding their home as protesters passed nearby on their way to the mayor’s residence.

The media was of course all over it. Well, some of it at least:

CBS News reported that the protesters were merely “passing by”:

This is how Yahoo! News framed the story:


Check out this from the Daily Mirror:

However, there’s some context missing from many headlines:

Gee, most media outlets seemed in no rush to point out that detail:

It’s becoming yet another banner 2020 moment for “journalists,” many of which won’t be able to find enough space for full context or will bury that detail a few paragraphs inside the story.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for the MSM to get on that detail.

The media spin earned a Brian Stelter retweet:

Because of course.

And yet they wonder why Trump’s “fake news” accusations have gained so much traction.