Democrat nominee Joe Biden gave a speech in front of a room of socially-distanced people today, and the speech was designed to slam the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, Monday Morning Quarterback-style. In addition to other outlets, it was carried on Fox News:

Well… maybe Trump won’t be too bothered by it. Biden’s speech, aided by a teleprompter, was summed up in the way it ended. Try not to yawn:

You’ll also notice that Biden didn’t take any questions, which is something that triggers the media when Trump does it:

Pretty dynamic speech closer, eh?


We have a feeling this won’t be the last time a Biden speech prompts that response.

Biden also criticized Trump for the plan to hold rallies again:

Perhaps more than a little of the Biden campaign’s concern is that Joe might feel compelled to get back out and speak in public, and they know how that might go.

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