As the Trump presidency is well into its fourth year, the number of people in the entertainment industry doing penance is growing.

Former host of “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart is now among them:

Stewart was speaking about the “worst legacy” of “The Daily Show”:

Asked what the rise of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson at Fox News represents for the network, Stewart says, “I think they’re just the next level. As things progress, to get the same dopamine hit, you have to push it further. Although O’Reilly pushed it pretty far. The question was always, Why would you talk to him? Why do you have him on the show if you can’t destroy him? If you want to talk about the worst legacy of The Daily Show, it was probably that.”

Wow, that’s a pretty harsh slam from Stewart on… himself?

Here are some alternate headlines:


And no liberal host will ever make that “mistake” again.

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