It’s no secret that many at CNN have an obsession with Fox News, which may even contribute to explaining the cable news net’s ratings dominance. But among those at CNN, there’s nobody more obsessed with Fox News than Brian Stelter, and he’s even publishing a book on the subject.

One item in particular that Stelter tweeted about shows just how low he’s willing to go (below is just one of his tweets but we’re not including any that link to his book which is no doubt going to be a pile of “according to a source” garbage):

And of course Stelter’s claim was based on a “source,” and you know how “reliable” CNN’s sources have been.

Ted Cruz leads off the much-needed shaming:

Narrator: But Stelter had no intention of showing any decency.

We’d expect nothing less from CNN’s hack media correspondent.

And then some.