In previous weeks, Vox has been saying it’s your “job” to follow social distance guidelines, and as a result they had a very dim view of people who were protesting shutdowns:

During anti-shutdown protests, Vox reported who could be most affected if social distancing ended too soon:

But if states open back up, it will come at whose expense? In the US, black Americans are dying of Covid-19 at disproportionate rates to other racial and ethnic groups. According to an American Public Media Research Lab report published this week, almost 50,000 people have died of Covid-19 in the country. Data for about three-fourths of those deaths reveals that the mortality rate for blacks is 2.7 times higher than for whites. Although blacks make up only 13 percent of the population, they represent 30 percent of Covid-19 patients in the US. The data continues to reveal which Americans face the greatest risk if the country is reopened.

Fast forward the tape to today, and the Vox spin has markedly changed:

Wow, the narrative about going in public and violating social distance guidelines changed fast:

Vox might have set a record with the length of that leap.

There’s obviously been a rule change.

No more “think about grandma”? Go figure.