As we told you earlier, the anti-Trump Resistance has been using photos showing caskets being placed into graves on New York’s Hart Island to try and get #TrumpBurialPits trending. But they’re not mentioning another aspect to the story, and neither did CNN’s Brian Stelter when sharing the latest New York Post cover:

Juding by a lot of the reaction, it’s “mission accomplished” for the CNN media firefighter, context-be-damned!

Does CNN even employ any “real news media” people?

According to the NY Post earlier this week, the city said the site “may be” used to bury coronavirus victims in the future, but that so far that hadn’t happened (as of Tuesday, according to City Hall):

Disturbing new drone video shows a crew of city inmates in protective gear burying coffins in a mass grave on Hart Island — where the city says it may bury the mounting dead from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Officials at City Hall said Tuesday that no coronavirus victims have been buried on Hart Island to date, whether unclaimed or otherwise.

All we know is that CNN won’t go out of their way to investigate what exactly has happened for fear of wrecking a perfectly good lefty narrative.

Stelter probably wouldn’t know that nor would he care to pass that info along, lest his viewers be actually informed of the facts.