As we told you Monday night, Michael Bloomberg’s town hall on Fox News had some “WTF” moments, and one of them was the Dem presidential candidate and former NYC mayor’s comments about gun control:

If Bloomberg’s “I’m rich and more important than you” spin on the gun question wasn’t enough, he was also asked about his giant carbon footprint, which includes several homes around the world and a fleet of private aircraft. To answer that question, Bloomberg took an approach similar to his gun rights spin: I need to do it in order to eliminate it:

So basically Bloomberg’s mantra is “guns and private jets for me but not for thee.”

We can’t say we’re surprised.

Hey, Bloomberg’s obviously smarter than the rest of us so it’s got to be part of his grand plan.

Fact check: TRUE! Maybe just not to the degree of Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s explanation for why he can’t fly commercial also sets off BS detectors:

Presumably any “threats” aboard commercial flights would not be carrying weapons on board due to security measures, but Bloomberg’s got to try and cover his hypocrisy somehow.

Just ask Hillary.