With GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander saying he’ll vote against witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial, it’s looking increasingly like President Trump could be acquitted either tonight or tomorrow. This morning, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s a “big day today,” but Sen. Chuck Schumer’s mood isn’t nearly as jovial:

“Additional evidence”? When the Democrats sent over the two articles of impeachment they said they contained “ironclad evidence” of presidential wrongdoing, so why would that even be necessary?

Again, if Schumer’s trying to imply that the “truth” wasn’t contained in the House’s articles of impeachment, he’s doing a good job of that.

But Schumer has set two clear post-trial talking points for the Democrats. The first is that the entire Republican Party is complicit in a “cover-up”:

And the second talking point Schumer has helped set is that if Trump wins again in November, it’ll be illegitimate:

If Democrats like Schumer are already trying to make it abundantly clear they don’t expect to win the election in November, they’re doing a good job.