The day is still young, but we’ve already got the hot take to end all hot takes, as spotted by Byron York:

There are too many levels of “wrong” in that to even be counted.

A call to take away individual constitutional rights under the guise that what the individual is doing is “unconstitutional” is some Jupiter-sized projection.

The gist of the article boils down to this:

Trump made it clear in his campaign that “Make America Great Again” meant that America was greater when white people’s power was more sweeping and more secure. White voters approved of that message by a whopping 58 percent to 37 percent.
Terry Smith, a visiting professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, offers a different response in his new book, “Whitelash: Unmasking White Grievance at the Ballot Box.” Rather than excuse racist voters or try to figure out how to live with their choices, he argues that racist voting is not just immoral, but illegal. The government, Smith says, has the ability, and the responsibility, to address it.

We don’t recall cries of “racism” from the Left when Bill Clinton said “make America great again” during his 1991 presidential campaign announcement.

“Doesn’t understand” being the operative words. That or he hopes nobody else does.

People are becoming immune to the TDS, but the media doesn’t realize it.

And they show no signs of letting up.