Remember when Rep. Adam Schiff was going on cable news programs claiming he had evidence that Trump colluded with Russia? That was about three years ago, and since then the country has seen the Mueller report and a number of other allegations, culminating in the House Democrats impeaching the president on obstruction and abuse of power charges related to Ukraine. Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to hold onto the articles of impeachment rather than send them to the Senate, apparently so Democrats like impeachment circus ringleader Adam Schiff can keep searching for any actual evidence of wrongdoing, and that’s exactly what he claims to have done:

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York isn’t buying it, which is a good idea considering Schiff’s been trying to peddle BS for years:

“Oh come on” should be the stock reply to any claim made by Schiff.

Everybody except the news programs that keep inviting Schiff on regularly to spout his lies.



Byron York points out portion of Fiona Hill’s testimony on Steele dossier media ignored because it contradicts Adam Schiff AGAIN