On Wednesday the impeachment inquiry will continue as the House Judiciary Committee takes the ball from Adam Schiff and will hold their first hearing, with four university professors as witnesses. At the same time, the House Intelligence Committee has completed and released its impeachment report that is now available to members of the committee. Fox News reporter Chad Pergram gave all the details:

Weeks ago the media was reporting that Democrats would like an impeachment vote by Thanksgiving. Then that was moved to Christmas.

Where is this all headed? Try not to get run over by Democrats moving the goalposts yet again:

WOW. It’s possible the Democrats are having trouble rounding up the votes, they’ve seen polls on public sentiment, or perhaps a little of both:

Trump’s such an immediate threat to the country that the Dems keep delaying impeachment? Color us skeptical.

It would be surprising. But, as we’ve learned, anything can happen.