At a House Oversight Committee hearing on abortion access and β€œreproductive health care,” Conservative Millennial Alley Beth Stuckey brought some harsh reality with her for Dems on the committee, starting with her opening statement:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz later couldn’t reclaim her time fast enough as she could sense a reality check about to land hard:

For some reason, many abortion cheerleaders don’t like hearing what that which they support actually entails:

Planned Parenthood collectively cringed β€” not out of horror but rather because what they stand for is being exposed yet again:

Democrats at the hearing will spend the rest of the night trying un-
hear this:

Another Dem didn’t want to hear it:

And of course a Democrat took the predictable β€œyeah but Republicans don’t care about people after they’re born” approach to deflecting:

They really don’t like being exposed to reality.

Every now and then the truth surfaces, no matter how much the Dems don’t want to hear it.