Elizabeth Warren’s campaign likes to pitch her as the “candidate with a plan for everything.” One of those plans is Medicare for All, and Warren’s apparently hoping Americans have forgotten about all those health care plan promises Barack Obama made ten years ago that turned out to be complete lies, because she’s unveiled her own list of promises:

She goes on, but you get the point. It’s the “rainbows, gumdrops & unicorns” everybody was promised with Obamacare multiplied by a couple of dozen. Warren said only those in the top one percent would see their taxes go up. And what would be the price tag on all this “free” health care?

Oh, and employers would also pay higher taxes (and you know what that means even if Dems won’t admit it):

Thanks, but no thanks, senator!

Pretty much.

Paging the Senate Majority Leader:

Just like the Green New Deal!