Rep. Adam Schiff spent the first couple of years of Trump’s presidency in front of TV cameras while enthralled reporters listened to him talk about all the evidence of collusion that existed between the Trump campaign and Russia which resulted in the Republicans winning the 2016 election. The Mueller report eventually was released and dumped cold water all over that and other “impeachment” pushes, but Adam Schiff has new hope for impeachment evidence:

Today, Trump reminded Schiff how unsuccessful his past obsessions have been:

Schiff didn’t like being interrupted after having found another potential impeachment trail to follow:

And with that, Schiff’s hearing back from the anti-Trump Resistance begging him to use what little information is known as a basis for impeachment proceedings. For some reason, we’re reminded of the movie Groundhog Day.

Apparently Schiff’s decided it’s time to try and find the next big scandal and make himself look like a fool all over again.