Along with the field of Democrats competing for the 2020 nomination comes with it all the accompanying stories in the media about what the candidates were doing years before they decided to run. This Politico Magazine piece caught our eye for what former Obama staffers are quoted as having said about Elizabeth Warren and her staff:

From The Hill:

Former members of the Obama administration leveled criticism at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) during an interview with Politico Magazine, reflecting lingering acrimony over her work to found the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

In interviews with Politico Magazine, former administration officials called the now-presidential contender a “condescending narcissist,” “sanctimonious,” and a “professional critic.”

“She loved herself and some of her staff had a God view of her and that’s not aligned with government and bureaucrats which require teamwork,” one former Obama administration official said of Warren.

That’s sure something else!

Guess not.

Self-awareness has never been a big trait of many former Obama staffers, so even though the officials quoted aren’t named, their words sound quite believable.

Pass the popcorn!