The self-described rightful governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, has a new group that she says is dedicated to ending “voter suppression.” Abrams has been making the media rounds explaining her new initiative:

What’s one thing that would help “protect voters” (we assume by “voters” she means “Democrats”)? Abolishing the Electoral College, of course! This is Abrams’ response to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes after he asked if the EC should go:

“Absolutely. The Electoral College was not designed to make certain that people in small states weren’t subject to the tyranny of urban areas. That wasn’t the conversation at the time. It was because those in power did not believe that working people had the intellectual capacity to directly elect the leader of the free world. We have long passed that time, and it’s time for direct election and popular vote.”

GOP national spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington had a reality check for Abrams:


Abrams walked right into that one.