As you’re well aware, many Democrat politicians and gun control advocates have set a narrative about guns, making it sound as if they are incredibly easy to obtain and focusing on Walmart:

When it comes to the issue of ease of purchase, David Hogg has made claims such as these:

Hogg has also been among those on the Left calling on Walmart to stop selling guns or else face a boycott (of course):

But is it really as easy to get a gun at Walmart as many imply? One Business Insider correspondent gave it a try recently and concluded that — shocker — the law was followed every step of the way:

Well isn’t that something.

That’s certainly how many on the pro-gun control side of the argument try to make it sound. This was the bottom line:


Maybe some people expect it to be quite easy because that’s what Democrats often claims, with help from many in the media.


Did any of the “fact-checkers” actually try to buy a gun to test Hogg’s claim? Kudos to the above journalist for doing some actual reporting on the issue.