The super-progressive/socialist views of many in the field of 2020 Democrats might play well with the lefty base, but what happens when the eventual nominee needs to move a little more towards the middle to win over swing states? This article from Politico that explains what might need to be done:

Well, there it is:

It sure seems to be, and the article goes into much greater detail, culminating with speculation that Bernie Sanders might have been better off all along not using the S-word to proudly describe his political philosophy.

Yep, by now the Dems have to be well aware much of the media will have their backs.

Polls are showing Bernie Sanders slipping from 2nd to 3rd in the 2020 Dem race so maybe Politico’s advice will be too little too late.

The FDR-loving Dems don’t mention that part of his legacy as much for some reason.