As we told you Monday night, privately shot video surfaced of CNN host Chris Cuomo reacting quite unfavorably after somebody referred to him as “Fredo”:

The video elicited a response from Donald Trump Jr.:

But CNN personnel might have Cuomo’s back on this one:

CNN’s VP for communications and digital partnerships defended the host’s reaction after having been called “Fredo,” agreeing that it’s an “ethnic slur”:

As it turns out, CNN might want to call a meeting and find a different talking point than “ethnic slur” Cuomo’s claim about the name “Fredo,” especially considering how much the word’s been used on their own network without objection or complaint from Chris Cuomo. Here’s a laundry list of examples why:

And it isn’t just CNN:

If Cuomo’s correct, it looks like CNN and others have some work to do in order to remove the “ethnic slurs” from their archives.

We’re waiting for “Reliable Sources” to present a spin on why “Fredo” is different when somebody on CNN uses it to describe a Republican as opposed to some random Chris Cuomo critic on the street.