Back in January we told you about CNN’s refusal to use the word “illegal” in their story about Miguel Ramirez Valiente, who had been facing a deportation order and evading ICE.

CNN’s profile and the interview were very sympathetic:

Since then, the story has taken a tragic turn:


More from Newsbusters:

According to Denver’s local ABC station, on August 2, Miguel Ramirez Valiente, from El Salvador “went off the side of the road on Hwy 83, over-corrected into the opposite lane and hit Sean Buchanan,” killing the father of five, who was meeting his wife that morning at their new house they had just bought.

This wasn’t Ramirez Valiente’s first crime (other than coming to the country illegally). The ABC affiliate confirmed that he had a criminal history, charged with reckless endangerment in 2011, domestic violence in 2016 and a DUI in 2017, when his license was revoked. For taking Buchanan’s life, he was charged with careless driving with a revoked license but was not held by police. To make matters worse, his probation for that DUI had been extended the day before he struck Buchanan in the car crash.

CNN is being asked if they’d care to do a follow-up:

The sound of crickets is deafening.

The original CNN story has no updates at this time.

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