It’s become almost quaint with so many digital outlets making their own rules, but reporters used to use as their bible “The Associated Press Stylebook” when it came to looking up anything from addressing foreign dignitaries to abbreviating state names.

And there’s a new stylebook every year, and every year there are changes that reflect whatever’s currently politically correct. It was back in 2013 that the Associated Press officially dropped the term “illegal immigrant” from its stylebook, and it looks like news outlets are settling on undocumented immigrant or just plain immigrant in their coverage now.

CNN seems to have everyone on staff trained:

Yes, if you are in the country illegally and, say, shoot and kill a cop during a DUI stop, then yes, you are a criminal and an illegal alien.

Plenty noticed CNN’s careful use of “undocumented” Wednesday night in the story of an illegal immigrant who has taken sanctuary in a church during the government shutdown.

Miguel Ramirez Valiente is facing a deportation order, but with the government shutdown, immigration courts are only hearing the cases of detained immigrants, so his lawyer says he has no way of fighting the order.

Ramirez has been in the U.S. for 14 years and has been fighting his immigration case since 2011. And yes, he’s an illegal immigrant.

Well, you can talk about the murder of American citizens by illegal aliens on CNN, but Ana Navarro will just file her nails and roll her eyes while you do it.