At the Netroots convention in Philadelphia, Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel quoted Rep. Aryanna Pressley as saying the following about the Congressional Black Caucus, which has recently been in a spat with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” and as you can see it’s now deleted:

Uh oh, the infighting among the Dems just keeps escalating.

But wait!

Hey, are politicians supposed to do that?

Those “rules” must be for Trump & Republicans only.

BUT WAIT, there’s more. Weigel stuck by his reporting in spite of Pressley’s criticism. Just kidding. He tweeted to Pressley that he was “not going to second guess” her and but later deleted the tweet:

There it is:

You know, for some reason we’re not sure a Republican criticizing a journo’s quote would have ended with the reporter saying “got it.”

The video shows the reported quote from Pressley was accurate, though Pressley said she wasn’t referring to the CBC:

Will AOC make her opinion on all this known?

Totally believable.