Yesterday, many Wayfair workers walked out of their jobs after the company’s CEO wouldn’t comply with their demand to stop making and selling beds for use at detention centers. Next up, Bank of America:

It was just last year that Bank of America announced they would stop lending to manufacturers of “military style firearms.”


A spokesperson said Wednesday that Bank of America (BAC) has discussed the issue with its clients that provide those services. While the bank appreciates “steps they have taken to properly execute their contractual and humanitarian responsibilities,” it ultimately decided to “exit the relationships.”

“Lacking further legal and policy clarity, and in recognition of the concerns of our employees and stakeholders in the communities we serve, it is our intention to exit these relationships,” the spokesperson said.

How refusing to assist in providing basic needs to people in the detention centers is “helping” them is anybody’s guess:

We’re confused by that approach as well.


So if you’re keeping score at home, here’s where things stand: