As we told you earlier, the media got their marching orders over how to spin a story involving where the Trump administration plans to house migrant children. Here are just three of the many examples:

What do all headlines taking the “former Japanese internment camp” angle have in common? Absolutely none of them mention that the same thing was done during the Obama administration, though many did mention that fact in passing in their stories.

James Taranto dissected the spin to show how the game is played:

Taranto then asked a question about how the media covered the story when Obama was in office:

@JerylBier was on it:

Bier then shared many examples of how the story was covered in 2014. Guess what’s not mentioned:

Shocker! And yet the media wonders where all the skepticism comes from.

Bier continued:

Politico went all-out to dump cold water to make sure there was no fire for the Dems to put out:


Does the mainstream media see the problem yet? ::Crickets::

Excellent suggestion. @JamesTaranto as well.