There’s a new book coming out containing behind-the-scenes details about the abject panic that was happening on the Democrat side the night it became clear that Hillary Clinton was going to lose to Donald Trump. One of the subjects are the reported reactions of Barack Obama, who felt let down:

There’s only one possible reaction to that story…

And that’s the one!

Here’s what Obama is quoted as saying after Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, and it comes with a beverage warning:

The new details come from a recently released update to New York Times Chief White House Correspondent Peter Baker’s book Obama: The Call of History.
Obama allegedly told his speechwriter Ben Rhodes after meeting Donald Trump that the future president “peddles in bulls**t.”

That’s some kind of accusation coming from President “If you like your plan you can keep it” Obama. But it looks like Americans let him down yet again!

Obama & company probably hated seeing Hillary lose for a multitude of reasons.

Ooh, pass the popcorn!

But the week isn’t over yet.