Did Alec Baldwin have a say in the strategic approach Hillary Clinton took with her 2016 campaign? Talk like this makes us wonder:

Well, at least he didn’t say “deplorables.”

Here’s what Baldwin said on PBS, via Newsbusters (video at the link):

I thought he would change. After he won, which was horrifying to me, because if you’re a New Yorker, you’re on to Trump. He’s not the host of The Apprentice who’s fooled all these fly-over Americans that he’s this crack businessman. We kind of know he’s something else. But even so when he won, I thought to myself, he’s gonna change. Give it a year, and we’ll see a different Trump. And no. He’s the same now — which, this is the real tragedy. He’s exactly the same today as he was back in November of 2016.

The host then gave Baldwin a chance to backpedal, which is what he tried to do:

BALDWIN: I do, I do. Well I — when I say flyover Americans I mean that — that’s a show business term in terms of demographics and I don’t mean that with any — in any pejorative sense. I mean, I live in a world where nobody watched The Apprentice. Nobody I know in the world I lived in in New York or L.A. or in the world I live ever watched The Apprentice.

He didn’t mean it in a pejorative sense? So Baldwin just meant to say “flyover Americans” are stupid and gullible in the most respectful kind of way?

It’s a “Hollywood term” everybody — non-Hollywood types might not be enlightened enough to understand:

Dems like Baldwin haven’t learned a thing from 2016, have they?