Once again this year President Trump blew off the White House Correspondents Dinner in favor of a rally elsewhere. In addition, the WHCD didn’t feature a comedian headliner, choosing instead presidential biographer Ron Chernow to lead the proceedings. Others also took part, but even though Trump wasn’t in attendance, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t still the real headliner. Here are some examples, starting with Chernow stating why Trump won’t be carved into Mt. Rushmore:

Trump wasn’t there, but he WAS there.

Sounds like a party.

Sure does! *Eye roll*

Oddly enough, Trump might have been more present at the WHCD than he would have been if he’d actually showed up:

“Basic truths” and CNN aren’t always compatible.

But no, the WHCD wasn’t obsessed by Trump at all — why do you ask? The WHCA president helped show that Trump was living rent-free in the venue Saturday night:

For people who pride themselves on speaking “truth to power,” they seem to come across as if they’re under the thumb of the “power” an awful lot.