Nobody likes banning stuff the way New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio likes banning stuff, especially when it comes to helping AOC and others get their Green New Deal rolling on a local level. How’s that going to happen? De Blasio will start with an effort to put a stop to that which has in part helped make Manhattan famous:

Ban skyscrapers? Yeah, that’s what he said:

He’s from the government and he’s here to “help”!

To Bill de Blasio, there’s nothing that isn’t worth banning, with the exceptions of bureaucratic overreach and counterproductive, horrible ideas.

So does that mean the mayor is OK with building skyscrapers out of wood or recycled plastic? *Eye roll*

And it continually shows! But maybe de Blasio’s “clean skyscraper” goals have more to do with offsetting his own behavior:

Out: Planting trees as personal offsets. In: Banning glass and steel skyscrapers as personal offsets.