Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about 9/11 along with President Trump’s response have caused quite a stir (with Dems stirring mostly about Trump’s comment and not what Omar said). With that in mind, CNN’s Brian Stelter shared a quote from an Atlantic article slamming Trump for his response to Omar, and it’s unreal — especially considering the messenger:

That struck a real chord with many, and not in a good way for Stelter and the media. Civic conversation is dysfunctional? Now what would contribute to that?

And they just don’t see it — or refuse to. This should be nominated for induction to the MSM’s Self-Unawareness Hall of Fame:

So it’s confirmed. Mainstream media types really do need to spend a lot more time on introspection:

Guess not.

How many times dozens of times did CNN have Michael Avenatti on? Heck, Stelter even predicted big things as being possible for him in 2020, all based on his BS allegations that fit the anti-Trump Resistance narrative:

But anyway, back to the warnings about “outrage exhibitionists” and taking things purposefully out-of-context…

In the eyes of the lib media, one side will almost always get the “context” benefit of the doubt. Guess which side that is.



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