In 2006, Al Gore gave the world his infamous 10-year deadline to act on man-made climate change or else, and yet humanity remains 13 years later. Now we’re at the beginning of a new 12-year deadline to put the Green New Deal in place, and Gore has spotted yet another tipping point, except this time he said it’s in his favor because more Republicans are drinking his Kool Aid with the help of President Trump, or something:

There’s that term again:

Taking Gore’s position often means having to pretend there are people who actually deny there’s a climate.

That question pretty much answers itself.

We’re not certain how he got to Atlanta but we’re pretty sure he didn’t take a bicycle or walk.

Isn’t it funny how Gore pretends he’s never wildly off base or is on at least his third “if we don’t _____ within ten years we die” warning that’s come and gone? Here’s a fun one…

Gore in 2012:

Reality in 2019:

But sure — Al’s never wrong and his “science” is rock solid! *Eye roll*