As Twitchy told you last night, Sen. Ed Markey didn’t seem to appreciate Mitch McConnell calling the Dems’ Green New Deal bluff by saying the Senate would take a vote on it:

Turn up the Beastie Boys, because Markey said McConnell allowing a vote on a Dem proposal was somehow SABOTAGE:

Dems say this legislation is necessary to “save the planet” from a fiery demise but are angry the GOP will allow a vote on it. Got that?

Maybe Sen. Markey knew how silly that looked, because today he served up some fresh spin and tripped all over Team AOC’s “FAQ” backfire. Notice how Markey tries to make it sound like it’s all something Republicans made up:

NICE try, senator:

And the “farting cows” part of the Green New Deal FAQ from Ocasio-Cortez remains posted at NPR’s website — it’s nothing Republicans made up, no matter how much Dems (with help from the media) continue to insist otherwise.


Other than that, SOLID burn on the Republicans, senator. *Eye roll*



‘Amazing’! AP’s spin on how Mitch McConnell called the Dems’ Green New Deal bluff sends heads crashing to desks

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