Last year, Harrison Ford implored Americans to stop electing leaders who don’t “believe in science,” and this year he’s traveled to a conference hosted in a United Arab Emirates country to give the same warning:

Via CNN:

Speaking to CNN’s Becky Anderson in Dubai, where he will be discussing ocean conservation at the World Government Summit, Ford said climate is “probably the most pressing issue that we have on a global scale, and it’s a global problem that needs global solutions.”

But he added that governments around the world were lagging behind when it came to climate action.

“There’s this isolationism, nationalism that’s creeping into governments all across the developed world,” said Ford. “And the problems require attention on nature’s scale not on the scale of the next election.

As you might have imagined, taking a jet to a UAE country to warn everybody about the dangers of continued burning of fossil fuels caused some eyes to roll.

Maybe Ford could have teleconferenced his thoughts on the issue?

Fact check: TRUE.

Just perfect.

It doesn’t get any better than that! And by “better” we mean hypocritical.