Everybody knows these days that it’s increasingly difficult for comedians to actually practice the art of comedy in certain venues, and this is just the latest example. Don’t be drinking anything when reading this university’s contract demand for potential comedic performers:

Do those guys know how to party, or what? Oh, and bonus points:

So in other words:

You can’t make this stuff up! PJ Media added some details:

A student club at the University of London is requiring that all comedians sign a “behavioral agreement” as a condition of performing at a January comedy night.

According to emails reviewed by PJ Media, the UNICEF on Campus chapter at the University of London sent five local comedians — including Russian-born free speech advocate Konstantin Kisin — a request to perform.

“Attached is a short behavioural agreement form that we will ask for you to sign on the day to avoid problems,” wrote Fisayo Eniolorunda, the club’s event organizer, in an email to Kisin and four other comedians sent Sunday.

Sometimes the comedy literally writes itself:

Unreal, right? The entire comedy set could consist of just that contract demand.

It sure COULD be.

Cue head explosions!

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