At COP24, the Climate Change Conference being held in Poland, Arnold Schwarzenegger had some harsh words for President Trump about climate change, and also expressed this wish:

If that time machine were powered by fossil fuels he might not be able to get back:

Maybe Arnold didn’t quite think that through. And besides, how did the celeb and former California governor even get to Poland without the assistance of “evil” fossil fuels?

That’s a great question, one the mainstream media seems reluctant to ask the “fossil fuel sacrifice for thee but not for me” eco-hypocrite crowd. We know Arnold’s made his Hummer all electric (*the majority of electricity in the U.S. is still generated by fossil fuels) but highly doubt the planes Schwarzenegger uses run on anything but jet fuel.

But it’s likely that a few trees were planted to “offset” those particular carboon footprints, so all is well. *Eye roll*

That’s anybody’s guess.



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