As Twitchy told you earlier, authorities have been investigating the possibility that suspected mail bombs could have been hoax devices. It’s still too early to make a determination about that, but more is being reported about the packages that were suspected to be bombs:

From NBC News:

In some cases, the flaws were substantial. In others, more subtle, they said.

The news, expected to be detailed at a joint NYPD/FBI briefing in New York shortly, comes after investigators said the devices appeared poorly made and that it was unclear if they were hoaxes or simply cases of bad construction. Earlier in the investigation, officials in multiple states had described the items as live explosives and a number of senior bomb techs briefed on the probe said they had all the components necessary for successful explosions.

Investigators cautioned that the analysis is far from complete, and they say anyone who encounters one of the parcels should treat it as dangerous.

None of the 10 seized devices detonated, and no one has been hurt.

Authorities just concluded an update in New York City, but they wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of the devices or their potential to explode, other than to say they are all being treated as if they’re explosive devices.