Out: Impeach Trump!

In: Well, at least take away his DC business’s liquor license!

And the effort was a big time failure:


The Resistance is working ALL the angles, and pretty much failing:

An effort by a group of District residents to strip the Trump International Hotel of its liquor license by arguing its owner — the president — is not of “good character” hit a roadblock Wednesday when the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board declined to review the case.

The board cited a technicality, noting that character of liquor license owners is not reviewed at will, but when liquor licenses are issued, transferred or renewed. The five board members present Wednesday did not rule on the substance of the complaint, which suggests Trump is violating the D.C. law that states license applicants must be of “good character and generally fit for the responsibilities of licensure.”


Byron York brings the Six Degrees of Separation down to just a couple degrees: