Former President Obama is ramping up his midterm election efforts on behalf of Democrats with a speech today at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and he’s been highly critical of President Trump:

Dems in the audience are applauding Obama’s return to help the Dems, but Katie Pavlich started her comments on Obama’s speech by offering a reason the “blue wave” hopefuls might want to temper their exuberance:


Other parts of Obama’s speech were simply devoid of self-awareness.

Obama also reiterated his previous claim that Benghazi was among “phony scandals” pushed by the right:

“Phony scandal” indeed.

And earlier we mentioned a lack of self-awareness. Back to more of that:

And then Obama took a shot at those who use the government to go after political opponents:

Lois Lerner unavailable for comment, among others:

Obama’s definitely back.