The problem for DC Dems is that the liberal rhetoric peaked too soon. Once everybody was warned that they’d be killed off by tax cuts and net neutrality, the bar was set high. However, Sen. Chuck Schumer’s still trying to raise it, this time as it concerns ex CIA Director John Brennan losing his security clearance:

No, Schumer’s not prone to wild exaggeration, why do you ask?

“The abuse of the powers of public office to silence critics, punish political enemies is exactly what goes on in dictatorships in banana republics and we’re not one of those, thank god,” Schumer said from the Senate floor.

These days, Brennan is free to go on television almost every night slamming Trump — just the kind of thing that would be allowed to happen in a dictatorship! *Eye roll*

Don’t bother Schumer with reality because he has no interest in it.