As Twitchy told you yesterday, the judge in the Paul Manafort trial shot down a media request to unseal the names and addresses of jurors, who will resume deliberations on Monday:

Because of the media’s dubious track record, it was suspected that the press would abuse the information:

Correspondent Soledad O’Brien served up this defense of the media’s request for personal information on the jurors:

Calling those concerned about media doxxing morons, when it does happen, will go a long way toward restoring the public’s faith in the press. *Eye roll*

Besides, there are many who aren’t buying that:

Does the mainstream media not understand the public perception of the MSM? Also, having a judge release personal information isn’t exactly the only way the press could get interviews with willing jurors (key word: “willing”):

Or their addresses.

The media can complain about Trump’s rhetoric, but they certainly have earned every ounce of skepticism that’s to be found among the public.