Rep. Maxine Waters, one of President Trump’s harshest congressional critics, took her Resistance crusade to a church pulpit on Sunday:

Though she was recently rebuked by leaders of her own party for taking her calls for the “harassment” of members of the Trump administration a bit too far, Congresswoman Maxine Waters isn’t dialing back her rhetoric. In a rather wild political speech/sermon at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles Sunday, Waters declared to the delight of the congregation that she is “in this fight” against the president.

In her 14-minute political sermon, Waters decried Donald Trump and his administration for just about all of the unverified allegations the Left has made against him for two years.

There is nothing Waters won’t say to slam Trump, and apparently no place she won’t say it:

Here’s video of one of the Democrats’ most vocal Resistance leaders delivering her anti-Trump sermon:

Just a few days ago, some of Rep. Waters supporters burned an American flag outside her L.A. office. Waters didn’t mention that during her Sunday sermon where she accused Trump of wanting to “take America down.”

Waters also recently called for Jeff Sessions’ church to kick him out “in the name of the Lord”:

Stay classy.