In Texas, a waiter’s claim a few days ago that a customer left a racist note went viral, with MSM outlets all over the place picking up the story and helping spread it far and wide:

Just one problem: After the restaurant looked into it and talked to the waiter, it was discovered that the entire thing was fabricated:

The waiter, who admitted fabricating the note, is no longer working for the restaurant:

After the company’s statement was released, Kavil admitted to the Odessa American that he wrote the note himself and apologized to their reporter “because I did lie to you.”

“I don’t have an explanation. I made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did,” Kavil told the Odessa America.

Officials told the paper that Kavil is no longer employed at the steakhouse.

Compare & contrast:

It happens so often you’d think the mainstream media might hold off before running with those stories immediately, but then you remember they’re the mainstream media: