An NBC News story about Donald Trump’s golf resort in Scotland has explored why the president would continue to pour money into a golf course that reportedly loses lots of money. The report floats a Putin cash connection as a possibility:

The nearly 8-minute story waits until the last few seconds to make it clear that golf course owners “almost never” make a profit from their courses and losing money isn’t all that unusual in the course ownership business. But it was enough for Rep. Adam Schiff, who has called on President Trump to cancel his summit with Putin, to run with:

Schiff’s grasping at any straws to try and connect Trump with Putin since his “collusion” talking points seem to be on long-term hold, but he did manage to whip the Resistance into another frenzy, as was no doubt his intention.

Last year, Eric Trump flatly denied the story that Schiff’s using to try and keep the Dem narrative afloat: