Yesterday, a federal judge ruled in favor of Philadelphia in a sanctuary city case against the Trump administration. From

A federal judge has ruled for Philadelphia in its highly contentious “sanctuary city” case against the Trump administration, saying the city’s refusal to help enforce immigration laws is based on policies that are reasonable, rational, and equitable.

U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson issued his decision Wednesday afternoon, following a four-day trial this spring and nearly a year of litigation, ruling that the Trump administration’s attempt to withhold about $1.5 million in federal law-enforcement grant money “violates statutory and constitutional law.”

Here’s how the Philadelphia mayor and an aide celebrated after the sanctuary city ruling:

Meanwhile, many don’t think that’s anything to be high-fiving about, and for good reason:


The Dems sure have made their priorities clear.



THANKS sanctuary city Dems! NYC released HOW MANY ‘dangerous’ illegals in 3 months?

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