On Tuesday, former President Obama said President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the JCPOA (Iran deal) was a “serious mistake.” Obama also said “the consistent flouting of agreements that our country is a party to risks eroding America’s credibility.”

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell seems to totally agree:

Michell says this as if it’s a new thing that can happen to agreements a president decides to enter into unilaterally without congressional consent:

So no matter what happens now, what they have basically said to the rest of the world is that we are not obeying an agreement that we signed. Now the United States of American under one administration can sign a deal, but it may not be accepted by future presidents.

“Live by pen & phone, die by pen & phone” seems to be a new concept to Andrea.

Maybe Team Obama’s arrogance was enhanced by the absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton would win and keep all of Obama’s legacy agenda items in place.



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