As we told you yesterday, NBC News’ had a big scoop that the feds had wiretapped the phones of Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen. The news gave the anti-Trump Resistance fresh hope for the downfall of his presidency. Just one problem: The “bombshell” was a dud:

NBC News’ intelligence & national security reporter Ken Dilanian not only shared the story, but couldn’t help doing a bit of one-word editorializing at the beginning:

That “boom” backfired big time.

That’s impossible, because CNN’s Chris Cillizza said reporters never root for a side! *Eye roll*

After his original excitement, Dilanian was among journos trying to defuse the original fake news, post-boom:

But NBC News’ embarrassment (and Dilanian’s “Boom” fail) haven’t stopped him from retweeting accusations like this about others this morning:


Um, WHO is facing new credibility questions!?