As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN journalists rushed to the defense of a colleague who tweeted about what she claims a guest at the White House National Day of Prayer event said to her:

It’s entirely possible that the annoyance at CNN’s WH journo wasn’t necessarily over what she was reporting, but when she was reporting it:

Ah, the annoyance with CNN’s reporter makes a little more sense now!

From the Washington Examiner:

CNN aired a segment on porn actress Stormy Daniels live from the White House just as an event recognizing religious freedom began.

President Trump recognized Thursday as the “National Day of Prayer” and welcomed religious leaders to celebrate at the White House, where reporters were covering the event.

As a choir was brought on stage to perform, CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins was brought on air for a live shot to discuss the latest developments about Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen and the payments to Daniels.

CNN reporters, in defending their colleague, didn’t mention the timing of the report that apparently is what sparked annoyance among guests at the event.

And yet they’re totally baffled as to why so many people roll their eyes at the mainstream media.