The liberal strategy of accusing the NRA of being complicit in shootings even though neither the organization or its members have had anything to do with the crimes committed is starting to reap results — Just not the results the Left were hoping for:

D’OH! One more time:

From McClatchy:

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund raised $2.4 million from March 1 to March 31, the group’s first full month of political fundraising since the nation’s deadliest high school shooting on Valentine’s Day, according to filings submitted to the Federal Elections Commission. The total is $1.5 million more than the organization raised during the same time period in 2017, when it took in $884,000 in donations, and $1.6 million more than it raised in February 2018.

The $2.4 million haul is the most money raised by the NRA’s political arm in one month since June 2003

If liberals are in a legal kind of mood they might want to put some focus on the “law of unintended consequences.”

Another day, another total backfire for anti-NRA progs.

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