In October of 2013, former Obama national security spokesman Tommy Vietor joined others from the administration in letting the world know most of the chemical weapons were in the process of being removed:

Months later, then-Secretary of State John Kerry said Syria was free of “declared” chemical weapons:

Over the weekend, there was a reported chemical attack in Syria that killed dozens of people. After that news broke, Vietor’s 2013 tweet started making the rounds again, but Vietor tried to defend the tweet — as well as the previous administration — this way:

Wait, does that say what we think it says?

That kind of lack of self-awareness from former Obama officials isn’t a surprise but still never ceases to amaze:

Hmm, Vietor’s not defending Obama the way he thinks he is.

But don’t worry, we’re sure that one of Obama’s other signature foreign policy legacies will turn out just fine:

The rhetorical question of the day!

But it’s so helpful when he doesn’t sit it out.